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It's worth mentioning my desktop computer is Windows and I have no particular loyalty to Apple as a brand, even though I like their products. A few weeks ago, Samsung sent me a Galaxy S8 phone to check out.

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So be aware that's a disclosure. My first reaction was, "Meh.

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I already have a phone. Studying the Samsung phone, the bright screen and small size were immediately attractive, and my mind opened to possibilities beyond Apple.

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It's a fight for dominance in a crucial market:. The battle for mobility is complicated, involving hardware, software, user experience, and the entire ecosystem of apps and connected devices. Choosing a phone, therefore, requires buyers to make a complex series of decisions and tradeoffs. The three dominant mobile operating system players -- Apple, Google, and Microsoft -- feed this decision-making beast by creating their own ecosystems.

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Mail services, app stores, smart watches, user experience, and the like draw users in and create entanglements that make it hard to switch from one operating system to another. Handset manufacturers build on this lock-in by adding their own services and unique features. Given these pieces, my decision to evaluate the new Galaxy S8 required real commitment.

Here are the key dimensions I used to assess the Samsung phone.

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Bear in mind this is not a full review, but an explanation of attributes that seduced my attention:. Although it's hard to separate some of these items into discrete points, let's examine each in turn and compare the Apple iPhone 7 Plus against the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The iPhone 7 Plus is a big deal It's tall and wide with large bezels at the top and bottom and smaller ones on each size. However, because the bezels are smaller on the Galaxy S8, the screen is virtually the same height as that on the iPhone 7 Plus, as you can see in the photo below.

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The Samsung physical design is a brilliant example of form following function, based on technological advances. Apple is definitely behind the curve here.

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Apple is certainly aware of the screen size issue. As ZDNet has reported , one of the most persistent rumors for the iPhone 8 is a virtual home button, which presumably would function similar to that on the Samsung. Service packs, which are Windows 8.

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Download Windows 8. What they are now calling Windows 8. There is nothing called a service pack for Windows 8.

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If Service Pack 1 is Skip to main content Service packs combine the latest updates and fixes into one package or download. A service pack can include security and performance improvements as well If Windows Update is not offering you the option to install the service pack , see KB If you are encountering a problem when installing the service To apply these language pack updates, you must first install the update on Windows 8.

For more Play slideshow. Surface Pro 6.

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Language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 8 and Windows RT. We recommend that you install language packs from the Control Panel With the addition of a familiar and easy-to NET Framework 3. NET Framework 2.

It continually takes me KB is a prerequisite for Windows 8. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Chat with someone before you buy. Find info about your order. Get technical or download support.